Getting Ready

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

—Benjamin Franklin

You might be a government agency that wants to tackle a deeply entrenched problem. You might be a community group that wants to build something better in your neighbourhood. You might be a local resident who wants to stop something bad happening. Perhaps you can see your community has a particular set of skills or strengths you want to mobilise and cultivate. You might be an industry group wanting to take advantage of an opportunity, or a handful of businesses wanting to turn around the economic decline of your region. Whoever you are and whatever you do, you all have a passion to make a positive impact. And that is enough. You are about to make that happen by working as a Community Led Impact Partnership.

But first, here’s a word of warning. If you want to create change in your community, the instinct is to Get Started as quickly as possible. This would be a mistake. You will have a better shot at success if you spend some time Getting Ready first.

The following steps will help you build the foundations of the lasting impact you want to make. Each step leads to an Action. Each action builds your team and your plan for taking effective action. And an effective team with a realistic plan will have improved their chances of success and the size of their impact many times over.

CLIP is an Action Learning process that puts you in the driver seat. We’ve kept the amount of information at each step minimal. Just enough to get started discussing and deciding with your partners. Minimal blather, maximum action! But if you want to know more we’ve provided a Dive Deeper tab with extra links to more information and case studies.

And where it’s appropriate, we’ve added a Toolbox with a worksheet or analysis tool to make your journey more speedy and effective. First up, make use of the Meeting Minutes tool (all tools can be quickly found in the Tools section) to keep control of what has been agreed in your meetings as the project and team get under way and who has agreed to do what tasks.

Good luck! Now let’s Get Ready.