Identify and recruit your Action Team

None of us is as smart as all of us.

—Ken Blanchard

With your understanding of the Drivers, Resisters, Community Stewards and Backbone Organisation, now is the time to convene a meeting to agree on an Action Team. Choosing the right Action Team is a critical foundation for the success of the project, so think carefully.

As well as involving the key Drivers and Community Stewards, you might want to consider involving Resisters too. This might reduce their resistance by increasing their awareness and getting their buy-in, even if it’s in a small way.

Creating a Case for Change presentation is a good idea to motivate the potential Action Team to get on board with the project to be involved; either as part of a formal Action Team or as a Volunteer. You can build a presentation using Powerpoint or another software programme such as Prezi.


  1. Write up the prospective list of Action Team members in the CLIP One Page Plan.
  2. Organise a meeting with potential Action Team members and use the Case for Change presentation to motivate them. Alternatively, contact them 1-2-1 and make the case for joining the Action Team personally.
  3. Write up the names of the confirmed Action Team into your CLIP One Page Plan.