Keep the momentum for change

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

—John F. Kennedy

It is a sad fact that too many change projects fizzle out once the original enthusiasm (and funding) runs out. Worthwhile and, in particular, complex change needs a long-term perspective.

The Four Rooms of Change Model explains why. In the following diagram, the sequence is from Contentment to Denial (when things change for the worse but the Dissatisfaction or desire for better isn’t strong enough). Moving out of Denial into action involves going through a stage of Confusion and, possibly, Conflict as the way forward is sought and people mobilise.

The Renewal Room is where Inspiration is developed and changes (sometimes only small) prove that progress is possible. The Renewal Room and Confusion Room are healthy places to be as change and movement are taking place. In due course Contentment should be reached, but it is not a static place and things may change again.

Diagram: Claes Janssen, Four Rooms of Change


Discuss the model in light of your Community Led Impact Partnership. If your project needs to take action to maintain momentum, then add your actions to the CLIP One Page Plan.