Measuring how well the Action Team has performed

What gets measured gets improved

—Peter Drucker

We said at the Getting Ready chapter that the Action Team will be going on a change journey. By this time your team may even be approaching – if it has been successful – the fifth stage of a team whose work is done: mourning or adjourning as you part company.

If the team’s work is ongoing, however, it pays to review the effectiveness of the Action Team in order to see any areas for improvement as it continues on.


  1. Use the Team Effectiveness Survey in the Toolbox to assess your team.
  2. Consolidate the anonymous ratings and lead a discussion of the highs and the lows of this Action Team.
  3. Agree any changes to the way the team operates based on your discussion.
  4. Consider any further skills training that might be needed to help the Action Team to be successful with this project.