Publicising the successes and lessons learned

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.

—Mia Hamm

In the Getting Ready chapter we suggested ways of mobilising support for the change process you have been engaged in. The same methods make sense in terms of publicising the progress of the Project as it evolves and at significant milestones (e.g. anniversaries of commencing or the achievement of significant goals). Such publicity is a good way to give recognition to the Action Team and supporters.


  • Calling a community meeting to give feedback to the community.
  • Getting coverage from the local main media (paper, radio and TV).
  • Using social media communications via the Action Team members’ contacts.
  • Emailing feedback to target groups.
  • Giving speeches (using an update of the Case for Change presentation) to target groups.
  • Giving more detailed expert presentations to target groups.
  • Asking the community for ideas on how to continue this Project


Discuss how to publicise the successes and lessons learned. Make plans to communicate in ways that are appropriate and effective.