The Community Challenge

The power of people working together can be seen in politics with the rise of independents and in communities rallying to recover from floods and fires. But mobilising large scale people power is hard. Who leads, where do funds come from, what projects should be supported, how do we keep up the momentum, how do we measure success?

CLIP Consulting’s Community Led Impact Partnership process is a proven way to help your community whether you are wanting your community to grow or are responding to a disaster.

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Growth Recovery

The Business Challenge

A strong community needs strong businesses. But that is not always easy. The looming recession, galloping inflation, supply shortages and finding good employees all impact business profits and performance.

CLIP Consulting helps business owners and their teams to grow their business or to recover in the face of a downturn. We are leading practitioners in the fields of financial analysis, capital raising, strategy, family business, succession planning, marketing, teams and fast paced management support.

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Growth Recovery

The CLIP process - yours for free!

The free Community Led Impact Partnership (CLIP) Process helps communities work with partners like government, organisations, business, not-for-profits and citizens to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

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Community growth

CLIP Consulting can help your community, region or neighbourhood grow the region in the way that your community wants by using the Community Led Impact Partnership (CLIP) Process.

A CLIP process in your community, like the Great Regional City Challenge in Launceston, could raise community funds and rally support for projects to make yours one of the great regions of the world.

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Community recovery

CLIP Consulting can help your community, region or neighbourhood recover from disasters like flood and fire or economic downturns caused by the closure of a major employer or a shift in demand for what the region offers.

A CLIP process in your community could, like the Walk Tall program in Ravenswood, help build/rebuild infrastructure, engagement and pride.

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Business growth

Is your business growing so rapidly that it is outpacing its ability to fund, control and organise effectively? Do you have tasks or projects needing specific expertise?

The CLIP Consulting team can help you increase your company effectiveness (financial management, marketing, promotions, systems, compliance, risk, process mapping, IP, IT and more), lead strategic, family or succession planning and organise capital raising, refinancing, buying, selling or merging.

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Business recovery

Has your business hit a wall and needs help to get back on track? Do you have a stalemate in decision making brought on by family, succession or leadership issues?

The CLIP Consulting team can help refocus your business with strategic analysis to find and plan for what can be improved, by helping restructure or refinance, by leading effective marketing to get sales back on track, by cost cutting to improve the bottom line or by facilitating decisions on difficult issues.

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Community Platform

CLIP Consulting is the Australian distributor for the Made Open digital platform that connects and informs about community activities, volunteering opportunities, time-banking, project teams and chat.

A community platform in your region could mirror the success of cities like Bristol and Launceston, or organisations like the National Health Service (NHS).

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