Business recovery

Has your business hit a wall and needs help to get back on track? Do you have a stalemate in decision making brought on by family, succession or leadership issues?

The CLIP Consulting team can help refocus your business with strategic analysis to find and plan for what can be improved, by helping restructure or refinance, by leading effective marketing to get sales back on track, by cost cutting to improve the bottom line or by facilitating decisions on difficult issues.

If your business needs partners to help make things happen then contact us at partner@clipguide.net.

Getting Ready

A free initial meeting identifies answers to questions of:

  • What are the presenting issues in priority order?
  • What is the urgency and time frame for support or a solution?
  • How broadly will management and staff need to be engaged, with the support team potentially working solo, 1:1 or with a wider group.
  • What constraints are there re time, money and/or resources?

Getting Started

  • A detailed time-based action proposal is provided with costings for the fast-track management support that is identified.
  • Action plans with timelines, measurable KPIs and clear responsibilities are created once strategic analysis identifies the key actions needed.
  • Actions start immediately, where possible, to fast track the results.

Getting Results

Implementation is fast tracked in three ways:

  • Update meetings are held regularly to measure results, check on progress and offer support where plans are behind schedule.
  • CLIP Consulting offers hands-on expertise where the business lacks the time or expertise to do the work internally.
  • Annual updates to the overall plan are facilitated so that the momentum is maintained.