Community growth

CLIP Consulting can help your community, region or neighbourhood grow the region in the way that your community wants, by using the Community Led Impact Partnership (CLIP) Process.
A CLIP process in your community, like the Great Regional City Challenge in Launceston, could raise community funds and rally support for projects to make yours one of the great regions of the world. Here’s how.

Getting ready

  • One or more people in the community need to decide what is the opportunity for growth in your community
  • Find out if there is broad support for doing something about this in the broader
  • Create an action team – and think about a governing structure or corporate
    Identify if there is potential to get funding from the community or from
  • Consider getting charity status and/or Deductible Gift Recipient status

Getting Started

  • Raise funds from the business and wider community or from government
  • Promote the availability of funds for good projects that will help make this
    opportunity a reality
  • Ask the community for project ideas in a 200 word application and photo
  • Use an internet voting process to get the community to vote for their top
    preferred projects

Getting results

  • Select the most popular projects from the voting
  • Get them to complete a One Page Plan
  • Offer the team mentor support
  • Follow the One Page Plan to make the project happen over 12 months
  • Measure the tangible and anecdotal results of the project
  • Publicise the results and get more funding support
  • Repeat the process if there is still more needing to be done
  • Celebrate!

The CLIP Consulting team can help you to fast track this process. If your community needs partners to help make things happen then contact us at partner@clipguide.net.

An example of CLIP in Action is shown below.

CLIP in Action: The Great Regional City Challenge

The Great Regional City Challenge (GRCC) has a Vision that people, businesses, organisations and government can work together to make Launceston one of the great regional cities of the world; a region that is creative, innovative, liveable, diverse and better connected.

GRCC Inc set itself up as a not-for-profit charity with deductible gift recipient status. Each year it encourages businesses, employees and government to give a lump sum or a tax-deductible monthly donation, collecting over $100,000 for each round of projects. In-kind advertising, printing, legal and other services are also offered by the community.

Anyone can submit a project in a simple 200-word application, then the community votes online for their top projects and the most popular are funded. Some projects are region-wide such as the successful bid to win UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy status or the project to make Launceston a greener, more liveable and prosperous city. Other projects aim to turn problems into opportunities like the design and manufacture of commercial Christmas decorations without tinsel or plastics. Other projects have addressed health and wellness or created community events like an annual Storytelling Festival.