Community platform

CLIP Consulting is the Australian distributor for unique community software provided by Made Open (UK) that helps communities of place or practice make connections, share resources and work together for a better future.

A community platform in your region could harness the skills and resources that are already there and mirror the success of towns and cities like Torbay and Bristol, or organisations like the National Health Service (NHS).

Getting ready

Check out these features and see what your community would value:


Find, share and manage information about clubs, classes, support, services or events.


Earn, spend and donate time credits with a fellow neighbour or industry professional.


Connect individuals and businesses to the groups and organisations in need of help.


Share ideas and insights to the challenges and conversations that are important to your community.

Then rate YOUR readiness to use a community platform

Yes Maybe No
Do you have a budget set aside for this platform?
Are you involved in the decision making process?
Will a community platform address a key challenge for your organisation?
Do you need to address this challenge quickly?
If you do nothing, will there be any negative consequences / impacts?
Do you have resources to manage your platform?
Does the community platform’s capabilities align with your needs?
Do you prefer the Made Open platform to other platforms?
Do you know what you want to achieve?
Do you have any plans to work in partnership with other organisations?

Getting started

Getting started is easy and affordable. An Entry level platform lets you choose one feature – directory, timebank, volunteering or ideas – for use by up to 100 users for less than AU$3,000. 

We will help you set up, customise and then promote your platform to your community so you are in action FAST!

For around AU$5,000 each, up to 6 partner organisations can have a Collaborator platform and choose five features from the list above PLUS:


Work together in public or private groups using real-time chatrooms, file sharing and team management tools.


Vote for your favourite project or idea via single choice or ranking-based polls.


Show support for a platform-wide priority by tagging your activity or profile to it.


Download the tools and resources of your organisation, and share your resources.

Getting results

CLIP in Action: Can Do Bristol

Can Do Bristol Clip Process volunteering platform

Over 10,000 members join forces to support volunteering across the city of Bristol.

  • 4,000 volunteers support citywide Covid response.
  • 8,718 residents physically supported during lockdown.
  • 15,281 shielding residents contacted by volunteers.
  • 300 volunteers help 5 – 7 year olds with their reading.
  • Average reading age of children improves by 4 months.

When we created Can Do Bristol, we did not aticipate how instrumental it would become in helping the city support the gargantuan volunteering effors of mutual aid support groups that sprang up overnight.

—Councillor Asher Craig, Deputy Mayor of Bristol

CLIP in Action: Hexitime

Hexitime Clip Process community platform

A unique skill sharing network where health and care professionals exchange their skills for time credits.

2,000+ members committed to improving the quality of healthcare services across the UK.

  • 700+ exchanges.
  • 1,000’s of connections.
  • Supporting 11 individual sub-networks.
  • 12 awards and nominations since launch.
  • Removing organisational, regional and cultural siloes.

I joined Hexitime to offer my time as part of the Shuri Network’s shadowing programme, which has been great. In fact, we hired one of the people who shadowed me and she started this month.

—Alex Blakoe, Chief Operating Officer at Cievert

CLIP in Action: Torbay Together

Torbay Togher community platform Clip Process

500+ timebankers providing 22,000 hours of neighbourly support.


  • Self-reported loneliness has reduced from 59% to 29%.
  • Befriending has increased from 23% to 36%.
  • GP visits have been halved.
  • Hospital admittance is down by 60%.
  • Extreme anxiety and depression is down from 20% to 8%.

* Based on an independent review of 1,500 people.

We work in a strengths-based way where we focus on what communities have to offer rather than focusing on their problems or needs. Timebanking is a great way to support older people with a range of health and care needs by incentivising those who can help them with time credits.

—Simon Sherbersky, Torbay Community Development Trust