Getting Results

Getting results and changing lives, that’s what matters.

—Henry Johnson

The Getting Started chapter will have plunged you and your Action Team deep into the “doing” of community led change. If you have got to this chapter on Getting Results you will now be facing the challenge of putting a chock under the wheel of change so that the progress made so far doesn’t roll backwards when things quieten down.

Kurt Lewin, whose Force Field Analysis tool we used in the Getting Ready chapter explains change as a three-step process:

  1. Unfreezing the current situation.
  2. Making the change.
  3. Refreezing the new situation.

Only by going through these three steps can a change truly be made. Too often, once a change process has lost momentum, the situation reverts to where you were before the change process began. One step forward, one (or two) step(s) back!

Lewin’s Change Model Framework:

In this chapter you will think through the Actions to sustain change.

You’ll look at:

  • Measuring if (and where) change has occurred or not.
  • Resetting the original Results, Indicators and Performance Measures, if needed.
  • Celebrating successes and identifying lessons learned.
  • Systemising new processes and best practices.
  • Promoting the successes and lessons learned via media and social media.
  • Ensuring momentum is maintained and due recognition / rewards are provided.
  • Measuring how well the Action Team has performed.
  • Involving and skilling up new Action Team members and Collaborative Leaders.