Andy Goodacre

At lifeincolour we really love helping teams, businesses and organisations thrive and flourish, so they can truly make their fullest and most meaningful contribution to the world.

Leading teams is never easy.

Even in organisations with talented, intelligent individuals, and great pay and benefits, it is still a real challenge to build strong and healthy teams.

Despite our best efforts as leaders, politics can easily set in, confusion can build, productivity drops and before we know it morale is ebbing away… taking time, and energy, and money and even our best people along with it.

How can we build healthy teams when we are all wired so differently from each other?

How can we build a foundation of cohesion and trust?

How can we engage in healthy conflict and debate?

And how can we get the best out of each other and create high performing teams?

Organisational Health Consulting

We will help you shape and build a strong and healthy organisation, where people know their strengths, teams become strong and cohesive, and every person in the organisation is clear on why you do what you do… and how you’re going to do it.

Getting Started

Our ideal process to begin partnering with you and your team:


Initial Consultation.

We would love to connect and have an initial meeting with you, so that we can get know each other. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. This also helps us to understand your context and be clear on what you are looking to achieve. We can do this on the phone, by video conference or face-to-face.


Individual and Team Assessments

We have a range of tools and assessment available to help us get clear on the current reality of your team. These include Individual CliftonStrengths® Assessment to help each member of the team begin their individual Strengths development journey, as well as Team Health Assessments to uncover what’s working well, and where to invest for quick wins and improvements.


Coaching and Consultation

Our team will work closely with you, the team leader, to design a package of coaching sessions and workshops for your staff, which build on their individual strengths and help you create healthy, strong teams and a positive, Strengths-based leadership culture within your organisation.