Owen Tilbury

Owen has been a development consultant for over 30 years working with businesses, regions and communities, using materials, tools and software he developed.

He is currently the only Family Business Australia (FBA) Accredited Advisor in Tasmania.  He specialises in helping family enterprises to review, plan for growth and develop governance structures such as Family Councils and Constitutions. He also helps with family business succession planning and with selling, buying or merging. He is a certified management consultant, a business network broker, a supply chain partnership facilitator, a marketer and market researcher.   

His firm won the Royal Australian Planning Institute Merit Award for Community Planning. He is a company director and board member on not-for-profit boards. In 2021 he was inducted into the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame and was shortlisted for the Tasmanian Australian of the Year award.

He is President of the Great Regional City Challenge, which has sourced funds and supported numerous community projects. GRCC has been awarded the 2022 Building Exceptional Communities Award and the Business of the Year Award.

He and wife, Helen, with 80 community volunteers, founded and run the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air (BOFA) Film Festival, with the mantra to use film to inspire positive change. The festival has inspired community led change projects in the area of smart cities, innovation and community development. BOFA founded and ran the Innovative Tasmania Awards with categories across business, community, government and environment. BOFA has won awards for Outstanding Event and for Building Communities.